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Sep 9


Here are some things that autistic people might do, which are wrongly seen as examples of them using their autism as “an excuse”:

  • Merely mentioning that they are autistic
  • Doing something unintentionally rude, apologizing upon learning that what they did was considered rude, and explaining that they made the mistake because they’re autistic
  • Doing something deliberately rude, but without making any mention whatsoever about their autism in relation to this rudeness, neither as an explanation or an excuse
  • Having the audacity to suggest that abliesm exists and that it is bad
  • Asking for accommodations that are actually needed
  • Trying to do something, but not succeeding because they’re being prevented from doing so by people who simultaneously believe autistic people can’t do anything and that they are lazy losers because they “choose” not to do anything
  • Not putting 100% of their energy into fitting in and achieving a level of “normalcy” that non-autistic people aren’t even expected to achieve
  • Putting 100% of their energy into fitting in and being “normal,” but failing at it

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    My parents need to read this. I’m tired of their bullshit.
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    My parents need to read this. I’m tired of their bullshit.
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