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Jul 31

Okay, guys. I’m really, really poor. Like, I can’t get groceries and can barely pay rent poor.

My question to you guys is if you would be horribly angry at me if I posted an ad or two on here. I’m just in a bad place.

I just want to not have to eat Easy Mac and Ramen forever.


P.S. Not even sure if it’s going to happen, I did apply, though.

  1. goodnightmoon-goodnightspoon said: No, no, of course not!
  2. metricaprovince said: Feel free!
  3. xkrisxcross said: Go ahead, hun.
  4. rzntzrynezrynzebazerb said: Of course not! We’ve all been through hard times, we have to help each other!
  5. skoomapipe said: if that’s what you need to survive, just do it~
  6. god-forbid said: do it.
  7. autistickitten posted this