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Jun 30

Having Aspergers and being a jerk are two completely different things.

I know I’m probably going to get raged at for this, which is fine.

But…honestly? There’s something I keep running into.

And that’s people who claim to have Aspergers being quite rude, doing a lot of things like teasing me for my social skills, demanding to know why I’m gay/won’t date them, and generally being rude to other people.

They don’t seem to have Aspergers. Their social skills are fine, they don’t suffer from anxiety or seem to really suffer at all.

And then, when I ask them to please stop being mean/rude to me, they say “Oh, well, I have Aspergers. You asking me to do this is Aspie-shaming. I can’t help it if I have a disorder.”

But their “Disorder” seems SO inconsistent. They’re fine with their parents, and around people unless they find a reason to be rude or tease them.

And most of them don’t have a diagnosis.

Doing this hurts. It hurts people like me, and people who have Aspergers. And it hurts other people. Using a diagnosis, especially a fake one, as an excuse to torment/be rude to people is wrong. People with Aspergers CAN’T help it, and I have NEVER met an actual Aspie who behaved this way. It’s people who use it as an excuse to be a jerk that make it so hard for Spectrum people to get help and be accepted. And I’m done not speaking up about it.


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    Woo. Preach on it, yo. What you’re describing is what encyclopediadramatica described as ‘ass burgers’ syndrome; a...
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    Once I considered using autism as an excuse for being an ass because I couldn’t tell if the person I was talking to was...
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    FUCKING THIS. *ALL OF THE APPLAUSE* I have known people to do this personally and while I don’t have Aspergers I know...
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  14. schrodingerstriceratops said: Oh. My Goodness. This makes me so angry. There is never ever any excuse to make other people feel bad. Even if you didn’t mean it. We may never be like neurotypicals but we can still learn, and should if it means not hurting people.
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  18. scintor said: You do not have to put up with people being jerks no matter what. Everyone I know with Asperger’s (myself included) who finds out that they have been mean or hurtful because of their Asperger’s are horrified by their own behavior.
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    I wish people actually took the time to understand that. But oh well. -___-
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    People assume I’m faking. But I honestly can’t help but be an ass to everyone. My family, my girlfriend… No one gets...