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Jun 21

prophet-0f-fluff said: Am I the only one that gets freaked out by baloons popping? Everytime I see baloons across the floor or people squeezing them, it freaks me out and I start getting upset.

  1. agentbloodrayne said: I’m terrified of them when there’s heaps and they’re everywhere. I hate the squeaking sound they make when people pat them and it’s even worse when they pop! I like that game where you try to keep them off the ground though.
  2. verymeanandveryqueer said: me too!
  3. discorddesigns said: Nope… me too… Totally with you on the balloon fear thing :S
  4. unearthlyenemy said: I love balloons and it freaks me out when people purposely try to pop them.
  5. moxie-mcrawr said: Oh my gosh I am absolutely terrified of balloons! I tense up when I get within 5 or 6 feet of them. My ex tried to “cure” my fear by having me blow up a balloon and hold it. I barely inflated in and burst into tears. They’re awful!
  6. hagelslag said: No, you’re not. It’s terrible!
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