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Jun 16

I’ve been crying myself to sleep for weeks, and feel worthless. I keep trying, struggling, but things just keep getting worse. My basic goal is for this blog to become more self-sufficient and for me to disappear from as many places as possible.


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    But… People like you! Internet people, but people nonetheless. We may not be real, or there, but we care. You have...
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    Nori-cat wants to help you feel better.
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    Aww, girl, I know the feeling. :( It’ll be alright. I know how hard life can get, but we’re all here for you if you need...
  4. getting-better-and-worse said: WE LOVE YOU ELIZA!!!!! <3 DON’T GIVE UP HOPE WE ALL LOVE YOU!!!
  5. xkrisxcross said: HUGS
  6. missannethrax said: *hug* I get that feeling a lot. I have to let it pass like the weather.
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