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Jun 11

Just wondering if this is true for any other Kittens.

According to my parents, I spoke early, but what’s interesting is that I didn’t speak actual words. I said words I invented. Like, I called grapefruit “bick,” and pajamas a “tumshish.”

My parents thought it was cute, and let me think that they were real words. I didn’t figure it out until I was 9, that I was saying made-up words.

I was just wondering if anyone else spoke early, but preferred to speak in their own language.

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  2. nominus-expers said: I don’t know if I used made up words but I actually imitated singing before I tried to speak; My mom tells me I was trying to sing a sunday school song one day and when she sung it back, my face lit up; it was like I went, “HEY! YOU GOT IT!”
  3. ruggedindividual said: My younger brother who’s on the spectrum used to do the exact same thing!
  4. titaniumbovine said: I always sang to myself in gibberish. It freaked out the other kids a little bit…
  5. sweaterschool said: I am not autistic, or rather not diagnosed as such, but I’ve been told that I had my own phrases and words for things.
  6. basicallykerry said: YES, definitely the case here!
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    I actually started talking late, but when I did I was speaking small sentences. I don’t think they were made up but??
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